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Court Watch Power Lunch

January 10, 2013

The January 23 Power Lunch of the Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce will detail   how West Virginia Courts protect businesses.  Beth White of the West Virginia Association for Justice and a local attorney will present information and detail cases demonstrating that benefit.

Noted economist Milton Friedman wrote, “We have learned about the importance of private property and the rule of law as a basis for economic freedom . . . It turns out that the rule of law is probably more basic than privatization.  Privatization is meaningless if you don’t have the rule of law.”  Our civil court system plays a critical role in protecting both our free market economy and West Virginia businesses.  Research from the National Center for State Courts shows that business versus business litigation has raised steadily for three decades.  Today, more than 50 percent of all civil cases nationally involve contract disputes between businesses, and nearly one-third of all tort cases involve cases between business interests.

Last year, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals established a business court division to help handle these cases, which often involve complex and very technical issues. In this presentation, you will learn more about how our courts protect our businesses; different areas of business law, including contracts and tort law; and how arbitration limits the rights of West Virginia business owners. The presentation will feature four case studies involving West Virginia businesses, including one which involved the misappropriation of trade secrets and reached the U. S. Supreme Court.

Power Lunches are a monthly member service of the Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce held in conjunction with New River Community and Technical College.  The Power Lunch will be held at the New River Training office at Jefferson Office Park, which is accessed on Court Street.  Please bring your lunch and use your lunch hour to gain valuable information to benefit your business.

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